Terms of Service

User responsibility


The Company may reject or delete material hosted on the server provided, if this material infringes any law in relation to copyright, is of pornographic, racist or pirated content (hacking, pirate softwares, warez sites, serial numbers), is related to drug trafficking, attempting illegal penetration to a computer or infringes any other law.


In such cases, the Company has the right, without notice, to immediately deactivate the account and access to the site via internet, without any liability for damages caused to the Customer or third persons. Then, the Company shall request from the Customer to remove the material. In case the Customer does not immediately comply, the company has the right to completely remove the account.


SPAM E-mail


The Company follows a very strict policy on spam emails and may cancel the account if weird/unwanted email is sent (spam mail). An email is spam when it is sent to multiple recipients who have not asked to receive it.


To protect IPs of servers by introducing them in spam lists, MediaHost applies security mechanism on the permitted number of email sent by users per hour.


The Personal package has a limit of 100 E-Mail per hour

The Advanced package has a limit of 300 E-Mail per hour

The Business package has a limit of 500 E-Mail per hour

The Enterprise package has a limit of 1000 E-Mail per hour


Background processes


Non-authorized background processes or authorized background processes that jeopardize the safety of our servers will result in termination of the Customer’s account.


CPU Usage


The Customer agrees to build their websites in such a way that avoids overloading MediaHost’s servers, limiting the use of a code and applications that require high processing power. MediaHost has the right, in case the website is the cause of problems in the provision of hosting services to other customers who are on the same server, to immediately and without notice deactivate access to the Customer’s website.


The Customer agrees with the following terms:


Not to use equal or more than 50% (CPU) of Hosting’s resources for over 300 seconds. This includes any actions that may cause overloading to the server, including CGI Scripts, PHP Scripts, FTP, HTTP, SMTP load etc. This term does not apply for Dedicated Servers.


Resale of services


The Shared Hosting Hosting may not offer hosting services using the method "addon domain" to third persons. Only separate packets are allowed (Account). In case an account providing Hosting services using the method “addon domain” is found, the Company has the right, without notice, to immediately deactivate the account and access to the site without any liability for damages caused to the Customer or to third persons. This term does not apply for Reseller Hosting.


Termination of Services/Agreement


The Company is not obliged to repay the agreed amount for the period remaining from the date of termination until normal end of the agreement in case the termination is requested by the Customer or in case the agreement is terminated by the Company due to infringement of its terms by the Customer.




MediaHost gives you a 7 day money back guarantee on shared hosting, If you are not completely satisfied with our services within the first 7 days of your service, you will be given a full refund.


Any account suspended or terminated due to a policy violation will be ineligible for refund


Confidentiality of transactions


The Company does not disclose the customers’ and their transactions’ details, unless there is written authorization from the Customer or in case this is imposed by court decision or by decision of another public authority.


Price policy


The price paid by the Customer to the Company for hosting services shall never change after ordering. The Company retains the right to change at any time the resources and the price of hosting services displayed on the site for purchase by prospective customers.




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